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Photo by Jacob Abraham
Photo by Jacob Abraham

About Michele Katz - by her son, Jacob

My mom would rather her photos tell you something about her than having to write about herself.  That’s why I asked if I could write about her from my point of view.

I took the photo on this page in Mexico when I was 13 years old.  Taking the picture was easy for me - I just liked the scene and wanted to have a photo of it.  Later when thinking about it I realized how much my mom's love for photography and teaching about how capturing one quick moment in time influened me.

Photos can embody so many things that words can't always explain, but can leave you with strong feelings, like good, bad, happy or sad. She always told me that's how to tell if it's a good photo - does it make me feel something?

My mom and I hope you enjoy her photographs. Maybe you'll find one that makes you feel something.

Please contact her with any questions about printing and framing costs.

She'll help you choose the best options for any budget.     

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